Owens Community College
President: Dr. Mike Bower Director of Athletics: TBA Team Colors: Red and White Address: 30335 Oregon Road Perrysburg, Ohio 43619 Athletics Telephone: 567-661-7973 Athletics Fax: 567-661-7965
Founded: 1965 Nickname: Express Official Athletics Website: Click here Institution Website: Click here
Name Title Phone Email
Judy Loehrke Assistant AD/Academics 567-661-7983 judy_loehrke@owens.edu
Ann LaVoy Athletics Specialist 567-661-7973 ann_lavoy@owens.edu
Nicholas Huenefeld Sports Information Director 567-661-7972 nicholas_huenefeld@owens.edu
Michael Llanas Head Women's Basketball Coach 567-661-7941 michael_llanas@owens.edu
Stephen Perry Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 567-661-7941 stephen_perry2@owens.edu
Lauren Crockett Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 567-661-7941 lauren_crockett@owens.edu
Devin Taylor Head Men's Baseball Coach 567-661-7936 devin_taylor@owens.edu
John Parisho Assistant Men's Baseball Coach 567-661-7936 john_parisho@owens.edu
Zach Tanner Assistant Men's Baseball Coach 567-661-7936 zachary_tanner@owens.edu
Dave Clarke Head Men's Basketball Coach 567-661-7940 david_clarke2@owens.edu
Keith Raine Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 567-661-7940 keith_raine@owens.edu
Dennis Springs Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 567-661-7940 dennis_springs@owens.edu
Sonny Lewis Head Women's Volleyball Coach 567-661-7939 harold_lewis2@owens.edu
Denny Caldwell Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach 567-661-7939 dennis_caldwell@owens.edu
Kevin Snyder Assistant Softball Coach 567-661-7937 kevin_snyder4@owens.edu
Jeff Smith Assistant Women's Softball Coach 567-661-7937 jeff_smith@owens.edu
Art Johnson Head Men's Soccer Coach 567-661-7938 arthur_johnson@owens.edu
Dave Prediger Assistant Men's Soccer Coach 567-661-7938 david_prediger@owens.edu
Josh Williams Head Men's Golf Coach 567-661-2643 joshua_williams@owens.edu